Ready and Proven Technology

Your MetaMask wallet just works, you only have to change a single setting to access your LOVE tokens on PulseChain. LOVE holders can transact with Pulse (PLS).

Faster and Cheaper

PulseChain increases the throughput of Ethereum 4x by using 10 second block times. Ethereum's average block time is around 13 seconds. Low Network Fees = Greater Retail Adoption

Remove Pollution

By replacing proof of work miners with proof of stake validators PulseChain doesn't burn "waste" any energy making it environmentally friendly.

Improve Game Theory

PulseChain has 0% inflation. Validators only earn fees and 25% of the fees are burnt to reduce the circulating supply. Greater adoption of LOVE will increase the value of Pulse

Empower PulseChain Holders

PulseChain's native token $PLS can be staked and delegated to validators that reward the delegators with the largest percentage of fees.


If you have any questions, please contact us via the below: