Blitzscaling of LOVE

“Blitzscaling” a network is to have something in a name, platform or concept that increases the users in the network “by itself” without the need to educate or acquire new users to join which leads to slowed down adoption. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general have experienced this great challenge and prevented mainstream adoption. Success for social networks came through implementation of “friend requests” from users’ own trusted network outside the platform. New users don’t decline a friend request from a person they know. If the request was from someone the user didn’t know or from the platform itself the user would most likely not join.

The same counts for Paypal and co-founder Peter Thiel describe that the first real success of Paypal was when introducing emails to send funds. Users already inside the Paypal network attracted new users outside the network through email requests, which led to the network growing exponentially with new users.

LOVE, as a name for a cryptocurrency, has the same built-in network increase mechanism. The network will blitzscale similarly to LinkedIn, Facebook and Paypal. Users in the network who receive LOVE from people they know will most likely not decline the LOVE and automatically follow by downloading the wallet, which will in turn make the network grow. They will then bring new users through using new peer to peer LOVE interactions to other people in their extended network.


The LOVE blockchain protocol brings real value to its users. It helps users to interact in various ways – sending LOVE with monetary amounts in private messages, posting LOVE QR codes to receive LOVE from followers etc. LOVE allows users to send monetary value peer-to-peer on social apps, plugins and official cryptocurrency wallets

Utilizing the speed of transactions through blockchain technology creates a peer to peer value exchange ability across social media platforms but also takes away crypto volatility, since LOVE can be immediately exchanged into any fiat currency via built in AMM Swap functionality.

At its core, LOVE is used for incentivization, engagement, micro payments, cross promotion, partnerships, referral commissions and more. The value of LOVE will reflect the network growth.


How will LOVE cryptocurrency increase in value

In Metcalfe’s Law, the value of the network increases with the growth of the network. Great examples of this include Paypal, Facebook and Linkedin. Cryptocurrencies are another example of Metcalfe Law.

With LOVE interactions between users the network will blitzscale in the same way as Linkedin, Facebook and Paypal. Users in the network will bring new users in by using peer to peer LOVE interactions.

More users means an increased value for everyone in the network allowing everyone who holds and “spreads” LOVE to benefit from its growth in equal proportion to their contribution in an increased token price.

Network Mechanism